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Grow with courage and humor. Determined but mindful. Carefully analyzing the status quo together, identifying obstacles, formulating wishes, ambitiously defining goals. Strengthened in inner harmony, finally ready for something new! In a dialogical process of individually adapted speed, I work out with you and your teams your topics and needs. Accompanying, appreciative - never patronizing.

Photo by Alfonso Escu on Unsplash
Photo: Photo by Alfonso Escu on Unsplash


Turn challenges into your personal future opportunities! These are popular topics:

Change and digital transformation in the hotel industry.
Identify opportunities. Formulate mission statements. Initiate change processes.

Next stop: culture before strategy!
Leadership through support.

Shareholders have value. Stakeholders are valuable.
By paradigm shift in the pole position.

Positive leadership.
The sustainable leadership mindset.

Customer centricity!
People as your success factor! Customer loyalty and employee satisfaction.


You decide where the journey will take us! I provide systemic, scientifically sound, solution and growth-oriented support. Popular subject areas are:

Self-reflection, even if it hurts!
Have to? Want!

Energy Boost: Strengths Reflection!
Become independent in your head. Happy in heart.

How to love your enemies.
Free yourself from burden.

How your (work)life makes sense again.

The mental software update for stressed leaders


With the right tools on course for the future: how to become strong, self-determined and successful. Popular topics are:

High performance in sales.
Sussess with attitude & know-how.

Successful communication!
Learning by doing: Good questions - valuable answers.

Leadership culture 2050.
Indivudal culture- and change-workshops.

Positive leadership & agile teams.
How to build and lead agile teams.

Smart. Courageous. Beautiful.
How to apply attitude & self-worthiness as a leader.

Do you miss a special topic in terms of ​​change management, human resources (a terribly technocratic term) or the future of the service industry? With pleasure! Please send inquiries and inspirations by email.

We can't control the wind, but we can adjust the sails.
- Aristotle

Do you have the courage?
Welcome to BroSinergy!