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Hotel 5.0

Up your sleeves and off you go: master the digital transformation. Create your hotel of the future!

The pandemic has massively increased the pressure to adapt. However, serious omissions in recent years are essential for the existential crisis in the hotel industry. The digital transformation, for example - a central component of a sustainable positioning of the industry in the competitive market - has already started in many places - but its potential is far away from being exhausted.

"With the experience of over 17 years in senior management positions in leading, international hotels and with the passion of a successful entrepreneur, BroSinergy founder and specialist book author, Britta Viktoria Opatz, navigates you safely on the digital road to success:"

Creatively thought out.
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"Change and Transformation in the Hotel Industry" (ESV Verlag, publication 1st / 2nd quarter 2021)


Gender Fit: The Future of Teamwork

Mixed teams are strategically and financially more successful, more efficient and more creative. Many studies prove it, too few teams live it. There are many measures that can be easily implemented. Let's look together at how you can do that and create a new kind of teamwork.

Research paper:
"From the Gender Gap to Gender Fit - Measures for Sustainable Gender Equality", can be read at:ätze_zur_nachhaltigen_Gleichstellung_der_Geschlechts


Event booster keynotes and impulse presentations

Whether an employee meeting or an annual general meeting, whether a company anniversary or an open house: with the spirit of a BroSinergy keynote speech you set the tone in your event. The following topics are currently available:

With the digital transformation to Hotel 5.0:
Tomorrow was yesterday.

Positive leadership & culture
how your employees fall in love with your company.

Attitude. Women. Agility.

Gender Fit
the future of work.

Success factor "double X"
women in management positions.

Do you miss a special topic in terms of ​​change management, human resources (a terribly technocratic term) or the future of the service industry? With pleasure! Please send inquiries and inspirations by email.

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- Nikola Tesla

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