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How can the hotel industry save and be saved?

End of October 2020, Federal Minister Altmaier proclaimed that he was actively looking for solutions to revitalize retail in the dying inner cities. For me, a central aspect is that inner cities are primarily animated by people. However, this means that people must also have a reason to be in the city centers ...

In addition to the residents who use and visit the retail trade in city centers, it is above all the visitors and guests of a city who can ensure more upswing. These guests usually stay in hotels and Inns during their city visit.

In November 2020, I already responded to the press releases and interviews in various newspapers, magazines and television stations and proactively offered my help. An answer came back, but unfortunately not as reactive as expected - I can imagine that the second lockdown also dampened the Ministry in many of its projects.
Whether it is flanked by my company BroSinergy or by parallel actions on my part, my goal is to see the hotel industry as the flagship of every city again. However, this can only happen through communication within a well-adapted digital transformation strategy and mindset of those involved.
What are your suggestions and how would you solve the challenge? I look forward to your comments and emails.

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An article written by Britta Viktoria Opatz, published on February 22nd, 2021.


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